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Post a Job

Post your jobs directly on DopartTime.com in seconds. Quality applicants will directly be sent to your inbox (both mail and sms). You will get profile and contact information of the most suitable applicants directly to your inbox. We help you make your candidate search as easy as possible.

Feature a Job

Feature your part-time job on DoPartTime.com/the website to attract more views and applications for your job posting. The benefits of featuring your part-time job/s are

  • Listed on the top of the job search page.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Build credibility.
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feature a part time job - DoPartTime

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Applicant Search

Search numerous applications for free. It’s fast and easy to search and filter applications based on demographic factors such as applicants’ age, gender, academic qualification, locality, time availability and job preferences. We make your task easier by notifying you with an e-mail and a text message when you receive an application for your part-time job post.

Company Pages

A Company Page allows job providers to showcase and convince job seekers to learn what makes a company a great place to work for. Applicants or candidates will be able to view information about the Company, Company contact details and address and the list of part-time jobs posted by the Company.

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Application Notification

You will receive an e-mail and a sms with applicant name and contact number when an applicant applies for your part-time job

Candidate search

Makes the hiring process hassle-free and completely in your hands.

While hunting for the prospective employee, this new feature ensures that you get to view the job-seeker’s educational qualifications and interests faster and quicker. Once you feel like you have found the right candidates, you can unlock and contact them.

company pages - DoPartTime

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