Employer Pricing Plans

Basic Plan
You can register, post job and view applicants within the free limit of 5 applications.
We feature the job and promote it to the job seekers for 1 job.
If you are a SME, You can post upto 10 jobs and directly contact limited job seekers.
If you are a corporate, You get 1 year access to message our registered job seekers and post upto 25 jobs.
No. of job 1
No. of job 1
No. of jobs 10
No. of job 25
Validity 30 days
Validity 30 days
Validity 6 months
Validity 12 months
5 applicants contacts
50 applicants contacts
Unlimited applicant contacts
Unlimited applicant contacts
10 candidate contact access
100 candidate contact access
500 candidate contact access
Email notification
Account manager
Account manager
Account manager
Manage applicants
7 days featured job
15 days featured jobs
15 days featured jobs
Applicant virtual profile
SMS notification
SMS notification
SMS notification
Monthly / Weekly summary
Features in Basic plan
Features in Basic plan
Features in Basic plan
Company branding
Report Charts / Statistics
Why Featured Job
Get listed in top of the job search which drives higher visibility to your job listing from candidates. And verified badge gives more authenticity to your listing so that more job seekers applies for your job. Also when we promote your job through SMS & email, job seekers get to know about your job opening instantly and applies for the same. When you get data base access, you can directly send messages to matching profiles without having them to apply for your jobs.
Get featured
'Featured' badge gives higher visibility for your job when candidates looking for opportunities.
Send notification
Job opening will be notified to the job seekers via email and SMS and instantly get applications.
Access profiles
Search and filter your prefered candidated from our job seeker list and contact them directly.

Sample featured job

Do you want to try our candidate search feature?
Create an employer account and post your job. We'll verify and give you 5 free credits to contact candidates.
For any clarifications,
Call us at 09500055569
Upgrade Information
After we receive your feature job request, we'll get back to you and upgrade your job within 24 hours after we verify the details.
For instant upgrate contact us at 09500055569 after making payment.
Featuring your job doesn't guarentee you that you will assured to get applications or employees instantly. We promote the job to the candidates registered with us and applying for jobs solely in the hand of the job seekers to decide.